Being the New Girl

I started my new job on Monday. Hands shaking, eyes twitching and feeling sick to the stomach I walked in and nothing went horrendously wrong for the entire shift! Hooray!

Retail, as much as it is easier, I don’t think it is my cup of tea; I much preferred the long hours and back-ache of when I was a care-assistant at a nursing home. The sad thing is, is that I am paid more in my current job than I was whilst working in the nursing home. I had vastly more responsibility and not just over wether things were correctly priced or that I was able to advise people on our latest launches and  special offers, but over peoples’ wellbeing.

Grrrrr it makes me angry. I loved my job assisting the elderly and infirm.

People are so stupid. Of course you aren’t going to retain staff if they are paid minimum wage, have long working days and are often short-staffed!

I couldn’t go back though. My arms snaked with scars for one. The other being that everyone waived me off to uni and I couldn’t face showing my face there again. I would also do a typical me thing of working ridiculous hours, signing up for every shift going and letting my job become my identity.

I think it would be too anxiety provoking as well. Too many questions. I want to go back so bad though. Ahhhhhh!!!! In truth, I think I just want to avoid being the new girl again.

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