Why Feminism Is Still Needed

I was born female and because of it I have been groped and cat-called walking down the streets since the age of twelve.

Because I am female, when I criticise someone I am met with the disparaging question “are you on your period?”.

Because I have breasts and a womb, if I wear heels, tight jeans or a top that doesn’t hide my DDs then I am told that when I am assaulted that I was “asking for it”.

According to society, I am not only responsible for my body but also the actions of others towards it. As a young girl, I did not want to be sexualised. When experimenting with eyeliner I did not need to be told that I was a slag or a slut by my own mother. But who can blame her, she was preparing me for the real world outside of school.

Because he was male, he felt he should ‘man-up’ and deal with his depression but instead took his life. Men and women suffer as a result of gender inequality.

Feminism is not about enforcing a matriarchy. It is definitely not about hating men. Feminism is about equality, freedom and choice regardless of gender, causes that I can’t imagine many fighting against.

Yes there are greater inequalities in the world outside of the UK and developed nations, but that is why it was INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day. Besides, any injustice should not be ignored. For those fortunate enough to have not experienced sexism, then I envy you but also ask you not to invalidate others’ views of this world.

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