Reasons to Love Dogs

As I sit in a cooperchain of Starbucks with my Labrador at my side, I’m reminded that despite all the times that I have had to pick up his poo and woken to his whimpers in the night, that he has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined. Here are just a few reasons that you should, at the least, consider investing in a furry companion for yourself.

  1. You can never be more needy and more demanding than they are i.e. they will never stop wanting attention and fuss.
  2. Their loyalty is unmatched to that of any humans’. Dogs will follow their owner anywhere just because. They know when you are happy or sad and just with a wag of their tail or a with a look in their eyes they are able to say that they will always be there.
  3. You can tell them ANYTHING. And I mean anything. They won’t say a thing to anyone else. My pupper has heard just about everything and trust me, he knows more than any person does!
  4. If they happen to wander into you naked somewhere, they’ll do nothing but wag their tail. No judging here!
  5. You can never feel greedy when in the company of a dog. That accidental 5-pack of doughnuts that disappeared will not compare to the speed at which a dog will respond to any sound that even remotely resembles that of food or food preparation.
  6. They force you to socialise. Who knew that so many people can talk so much about dogs?!- especially in the centre of town.

I have been encouraged to write this post by the increasing advertisements in shop windows about up-and-coming Mothers’ Day. I wish that my Labrador could understand just how much he means to me. I feel as if it would only be appropriate for him to have a national day to recognise his service! All those times that he has dragged me out of a very, overwhelmingly dark place as well as outside the house when it has felt impossible, I can never repay him. As a person who struggles with issues of attachment, I have found that the company of a canine to be the most therapeutic. Borderline/ emotionally unstable personality disorder from personal experience and it may be the same for other mental illness, can be so isolating yet with a canine companion it  can ease the pain and loneliness like nothing else.

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