5 Steps to Bring About Positive Change

Alright, it is time for me to admit that none of my New Year’s resolutions have stuck it out this far into 2017. I am not religious but I do take advantage of Christianity’s festivities such as Easter and Christmas so this year I am going to try again for Lent.

Instead of giving something up, which for me is always bound to fail, I am going to attempt to make positive changes instead. So here goes my second attempt but this time I am going to follow some simple advice.

  1. Write your goals down on a piece of paper or on your phone or laptop. By doing this, these goals will become more tangible and more importantly you will be reminded of them.
  2. Make them achievable! Create short-term changes that will work towards your final long-term goal. Don’t bother saying to yourself “I’m not going to drink for a month” because after that month is over, you will be back to the same place that you were before. Instead, try to set yourself the task of reducing the amount you drink by only drinking one alcoholic drink max on week-days.
  3. Avoid all or nothing goals. This way, if you do have a slip up, you won’t be as discouraged and you are more likely to stick to it. If you want to lay off the crisps or the blocks or cheese (yup that is what I need to do), don’t give it up cold-turkey, try and say to yourself “when I fancy cheese, I will have a banana instead” or put a bag of nuts in the same place as the cheese would normally be in the fridge.
  4. Tell your friends and family. By doing this, they can encourage you and perhaps join in. You may also be discouraged from quitting!
  5. And most obviously, you’ve got to make changes that you actually want to do! Don’t make yourself run 5K if you get bored 1K-in. Get to know yourself so that you work to your strengths and preferences.

I think that I might be able to do it this time; if not then I will just have to go back to the
drawing boarpancakesd! Hopefully in a months time, I will be able to look back at this post having reduced my drinking, started to deal with my issues with self-harm, gained control over my eating and having started a new job. In short a happier,healthier me 😀

Enjoy pancake day tomorrow!

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